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  • Specialists at small business migration visa sales management and process
  • Qualified cash buyer’s data base
  • Over 15 years business experience help business buyers and business sellers in Gold Coast.
  • Winner of Queensland Business Broker of The Year 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions
Buying A Business in Gold Coast

First, a good quality business should have a good lease team and secured lease in place.

Then you will need to find out this information:

  • how long the business has been established,
  • how many years with current owner?
  • why this business for sale?
  • how many staffs and staff wages?
  • is the rent in good percentage rate of the sales turnover,
  • how old is the refurbishment?
  • plant and equipment,
  • working in progress, supplier, customers,

and each business is unique, it varies for each business, our LUX business brokers have sold so many deferent types of business and we understand what you need to know for each individual business.

Sign up ‘’ VIP buyers’’ or contact us. we work out what they need. And introduce you to the right businesses that suit your experience, budget, personal circumstances, and lifestyle.  We then lead and manage you through the purchase and successful settlement process.

A few small business sellers came to me ask us to help sell of their businesses in Gold Coast.

They told me the story about when they purchased the business a few years ago, they were told the net profit was much more than the real net profit they can making after they took over the businesses.

Why and how does this work? You must know when you are looking a business for sale. How much is the business owner’s net profit for the business, depends on these facts:

  • how the owner calculates the net profit?
  • how many hours the owner working in the business,
  • how many family members working in the business?
  • how much does the owner pay the staffs?
  • how do they purchase the goods?

And much more factors that you may don’t know. LUX business brokers and advisory are educated be honest to our seller and buyer. We will let our seller and buyer understand how we can help you both achieve a Win -Win result.

So many years have been providing business service in Gold Coast, we have a proven success formula to assist you in our professional way. Sign up VIP buyer or contact us directly via phone or email

LUX Business Sales & Advisory has been recognized as one of Australia’s best business brokerage firms with over 15 years of business experience. This extends across a wide range of transactions from large corporate mergers and acquisitions to small, local business sales and business migration visa sales.

We are helping Gold Coast business owners to sell their businesses in Gold Coast to the right buyers,

we keep all information highly confidential from both the public and staff. We ensure less interruption to the business and achieve the best possible price and a smooth transition.

We work closely with you, everything you need is professionally represented: the initial appraisal, valuation, Information Memorandum, marketing campaign, qualification of buyers, and the settlement process.

LUX Business Group has a group of international brokers, we lead the market across all business sale sectors in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns and other areas in Queensland and Australia wide. We boast an extensive database of international investors and buyers. We have a great connection with overseas and local businesses.

Our team are qualified, licenced, and experienced business brokers and advisors with experience running their own successful businesses. Our brokers often attend professional courses and conferences. We are well versed in the many regulations and requirements of a business sale. Our warm, engaging personality and eagerness to deliver win-win results ensures sellers and buyers enjoy the business transaction process with us. Most of our clients come from referrals. Our team has the expertise to undertake most business sales engagements.

Our Professional Gold Coast business broke will supply Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Professional Business Appraisal
  • Business advisory
  • Prepare confidential Business Information Memorandums.
  • Prepare draft sales contract
  • Marketing the Business to the Right Buyers
  • Introducing qualified buyers
  • Facilitating meetings and handling negotiations
  • Following up with the due diligence process.
  • Assisting Buyers and Sellers in the Sales /Purchase Process
  • Lead and manage through the purchase and settlement over 60 steps

The Gold Coast is a popular destination for the buying and selling of businesses of all sizes. Its diverse industry makeup and location is the fast-growing regional area of Australia, making it a haven for business buyers looking for a lifestyle change.

LUX business brokers have an extensive listing of businesses for sale on the Gold Coast that covers multiple industries, size of business, manufacturing and services. We have seasoned and professional business consultants who know the local commercial landscape and can advise, first-hand, on the attractiveness of the business for sale.

The Gold Coast is also a popular destination for the business migrant looking to buy a profitable and growing business to start their new life in Australia for themselves and their family.

Contact our professional and friendly LUX business brokers and advisors to find out the available businesses for sale or visit the LUX website for ‘Gold Coast businesses for sale’ and register yourself as a VIP buyer. We will keep in contact with you with updates on the latest listing of businesses for sale on Gold Coast.