Seller Mr Daesung Park

Mr Daesung Park , 21 Mar 2021

The day before The Vitamin Store settlement – Lily Small with her client Dasesung Park and buyers Hong Chen and her daughter

Testimonial from Seller Mr Daesung Park

Firstly, thank you so much Lily.
I have contacted Lily in Mid Oct, 2017 and my business settled 18th JAN 2018 due to holiday period. She is very easy to communicate and professional. She has also introduced solicitor for faster and accurate process. I’m very pleased with Lily. During business sale period, I have contacted Lily very often even on weekend as well, but she was very kind and taught me a point every time. I believe Lily is the only person I can trust for business valuation to selling your business at the right price. I fully trust Lily.
Thank you again Lily, I’m sure I will contact you again when I need to sell my other business in the future.

Best regards,
Daesung Park