Buyer Wei C

Buyer Wei C , 09 Apr 2021

Want to buy a credible good business to find Lily!

Thank you Lily Small for more than 5 months to purchase services for my patient professional business. When I first met Lily, she patiently consulted me about the requirements for buying a business, my business background, family and personal situation. She took the trouble to introduce me to a few businesses that suit my requirements, and introduced me to lawyers and accountants. , Loan consultation, etc. Regardless of weekends and holidays, he will answer my phone and listen to my needs carefully, and spare no time to help me solve the problem quickly.

In the business purchase contract, Lily tracked every link of the contract, and followed up with the seller, me, the landlord and the lawyers of both parties to solve every problem. This enabled my business purchase to succeed.

Thanks to Lily Small for finding me such a good business that suits my needs! I will definitely introduce Lily to my friends and relatives to consult business sales agents.

Buyer: Wei C