Buyer Peggy C

Buyer Peggy C , 09 Jun 2021

Hello there. Today, the business is successfully completed, thank you for your care for us in the past two months.

Two months ago, I saw your advertisement on the website. I was impressed by the quantity and quality of the business that you posted on the website. I feel that this business intermediary has strength, so I have found the door of your company. Do you remember that I didn’t meet the first time when I went to the door? At that time, I had an optional attitude and felt forget it. But you called, and I was touched by your sincerity and enthusiasm. I made an appointment to visit again. In this visit, I tell you that we are new immigrants and our requirements and purpose for buying business. You have chosen two of us in many businesses, both of which are good, but this business is just opposite my house. The investment, turnover, and profit all meet our requirements. It is simply prepared by God for us.

Since we are new immigrants, we are unfamiliar with the situation here and have difficulties in language communication. It is a mess to buy a business. It’s you who tirelessly explain to us and teach us step by step what to do. I planned to go on vacation for 20 days early. I didn’t expect the time to conflict with the time to buy a business. This made me very worried. I don’t know if this thing can go on. I didn’t expect to come back from the vacation. We are discussing the contract. Thanks to the efforts of you and the lawyer, the process of our business is relatively happy and smooth. Because of the language barrier, any communication between us and the original proprietor needs to pass through you, adding some workload to you, or even working overtime, but with your translation in the middle, we feel more at ease. And you also introduced the resources you know to us, such as accountants, insurance brokers, and gave us many additional services. Thank you again for your good heart.

We order the stock and deliver this afternoon. You are too busy to get to the factory. Both parties feel very happy. This is inseparable from your good offices. Buying this business not only buys good projects, but also buys a group of good friends, such as you, such as the original proprietor, such as our lawyers, accountants, etc., with high added value. You also told us that there are any difficulties in running a business, and you can also give us suggestions as a friend, which makes us very moved. Sincerely,

From Peggy C