Buyer Kate C

Buyer Kate C , 09 Apr 2021

Beautiful and attractive Ms. Lily:

First of all, I would like to say that I really appreciate your help so that we can find a business suitable for us in such a short time.

Soon after we came to Australia, we looked for information on renting houses, asked about the price of decoration, and read information on various businesses. The process was very hard and I felt deeply the difference between doing business in Australia and doing business in China. Almost defeated by this tedious process.

Where did I know Ms. Lily? Still heard from a very professional local Broker, there is such a lady, she has the most deals in Chinese business, has a very good reputation, and is very famous in the industry. But this Australian Broker’s business is not suitable for me, he very enthusiastically told me the name Lily Small, but unfortunately he does not have Lily’s phone.

I searched the name on the Internet with a try. It is indeed very easy to find and comes with contact information. Before I got on the phone, I was worried that my questions and requests would not be answered. I didn’t expect Lily to answer my phone very enthusiastically and asked us to meet in the office.

The first time I met, I was very impressed. Lily asked me the most about my children. How old are they and is there anyone to help me take care of them. Because even if you want to invest in body and mind to do a good business, the family is still the most important. This surprised me. Also particularly heart-warming. After several communications, we found a business close to my house that did not delay taking care of children. And it is especially suitable for us newcomers who have just come to Australia.

Since then, we have started the cooperation happily, Lily took the trouble to think for me and explain for me. Help me not to go wrong in any link. The lawyers and accountants we need are all unconditionally helped by Lily. Even if I didn’t ask for it, she would translate important emails for me, worrying that I didn’t understand. And told me to ask more questions, if you don’t understand Lily, help me answer it as soon as possible.

We are so lucky that in such a short time, we have found the right person and the right business. Save a lot of unnecessary expenses. Let me be confident in doing business in Australia.

I hope we can always be friends and continue to cooperate smoothly.

Thanks Lily